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Law & Prophecy
          [Ye Are Under The Law] by Harold Stough
          [Jacob's Trouble] by Harold Stough
          [The Coming of Elijah] by Harold Stough
          [Homosexuality And Fellowship] courtesy: CCCC
          [The Vision of Daniel] by Robert Thornton
          [Law - or Law and Grace] by M Wilkins
          [Does God Always Keep His Promises?] by the late Rev D & Mrs J Seekins
          [Homosexuality (Alternative Lifestyle or Abomination?)] by Alma Burnett
          [God is Love, But What Kind of Love?] by Janice Dowse

          [British-Israel, Fact or Fiction?] by Alan Campbell, B.A.
          [The Mystery of the Missing Bible Tribes - The Real Diaspora] by Pastor J.S. Brooks
          [Did the Vikings Name America?] by Dick Wicken
          [The Khazars] by Peter Beter
          [What Hath God Wrought] by Harold Stough
          [Noah's Flood] by Charles A. Weisman
          [No Evolution Here] courtesy: The American Institute of Theology
          [The Garden Tomb] courtesy: Kingdom Digest
          [The Union Jack] by Douglas C. Nesbit
          [Historic Mistake] by A & R Eedle
          [Ismael And The Arabs] by J Simms
          [Manasseh, the Double-portion Inheritor] by J H Allen, courtesy: Kingdom Digest
          [The USA is Manasseh] by John Lovell, courtesy: Kingdom Digest
          [Migrations of the Lost Tribes of Israel] by F.M. Nithsdale
          [The Huguenots - Rearguard of Westward-moving Israel] by C. G. Soutter
          [British-Israel Identity Foundation Truths] by D and JN Seekins

          ["Evangelical And Congregational"] The Principles of the Congregational Independents
          ["Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order"] 1833
          [English Bible History] by
          [The Second Coming] by Harold Stough
          [I Believe] by Harold Stough
          [What's Gone Wrong?] Anon
          [Are Catholics Christians?] Anon
          [Once to Die - or Reincarnation?] by D P Grafton
          [I am the Resurrection?] by Harold Stough
          [The Apostate Church] by S. M. Houghton, M.A.
          [What is an Evangelical Christian?] by A. M. Martlew, Dip. Th.
          [The Big If] by Harold Stough
          [Peter's Vision of the Great Sheet] by Harold Stough
          [The False Prophet] by Harold Stough

National Message
          [British Israel] by C.A.J. Cream, B.A.
          [Christianity and Israel] by Reverend Claud Coffin
          [Israel and the Church] by Reverend D McDougall
          [Seven-eighths of Bible Misunderstood] by Edward Hine
          [No Revival - Why Not?]
          [Confessions of a New Version Addict] by A W Tozier
          [Suppose The Anglo-Saxons Are Not Israel?] by S. A. Ackley
  New [The Two Seedline Teaching Explained] by Ken McFarland