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In Search Of … The Origin Of Nations

In Search Of … The Origin Of Nations is the first work ever published providing major proofs for the modern identity of nations and peoples whose roots may be carefully tracked back to the ancient Middle East.

Reviewers have claimed that the subject of this book may one day be acknowledged as the most amazing work on the origin of nations and peoples ever written.

The author has spent many years of painstaking in-depth research investigating and pulling together the many complex threads and strands of tradition, linguistic, anthropological and historical fact and detail to assemble the most overpowering anthropological detective work of this age!

With precision, incredible detail and analysis, the author assembles an awesome array of proofs for the true identity of the three major races and the modern nations (the bibliography alone contains over 700 items).

The interrelationships of the peoples of the earth and their destiny based on stunning ancient prophecies are discussed in a fast- moving but logical style.

Many questions about national origins are researched and answered in an easy-to-understand style be prepared for a few surprises.

A MUST read for all ages and interest groups.

Price: US$ 23.95 + postage (less for bulk orders)
8 x 11 inches, 520 pages approximately, 15 chapters, 29 charts, 10 maps

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This unique work will give you a winning edge in better understanding the meaning behind world news and events.

Written in a fast-paced but logical style In Search Of … The Origin Of Nations is unique. It is the first book ever published that provides major proofs for the identity of key modern nations.

And it is the fruit of many years of painstaking research by History Research Projects (HRP).

HRP has woven together many complex threads and strands of tradition, linguistics, anthropology and history to produce this magnum opus.

You will initially journey back about 4,300 years to the post-Flood days of Noah in the Middle East.

You will be introduced to Genesis 10's mysterious Table of Nations - the vital key for understanding the identity of modern nations.

Then, you will travel through the centuries to our present day, witnessing how nations developed their own distinctive ethos and cultural, social, racial and linguistic traits.

You will marvel at the God-inspired variety among the world's races, the dynamics governing interrelationships between nations and stunning ancient prophecies guiding national destinies.

In short, In Search of the Origins of Nations is an unrivalled triumph of detective work and research, which will transform your whole appreciation of God's Loving Hand in establishing our global family of nations. It is simply a must for all to read and for any library.

Book Outline

Each chapter has extensive footnotes and a section at the beginning advising the reader of a list of points they will know and understand by the time they complete the chapter. At the rear of the chapters a recommended reading list is added followed by the endnotes.


List of Charts

List of Maps


Comments by Reviewers



An introduction to the subject matter; discusses researchers and writers on the subject of Genesis 10, the need to keep the flame of this truth alive and how to approach the subject.

1. The Incredible Bio-Diversity of Mankind

The chapter discusses the concept of race, nations and tribes and their taxonomy. Physical characteristics are delved into: skull types, hair, eyes, skin, blood groups.

2. The Mysterious Table of Nations

Bible origins of the races, the concept of the baptism of the earth by floods; how all nations descend from Adam and later through Noah. The structure and meaning of the Table of Nations and the typology of bulls researched. How Noah's three sons fore-type prophecies for the nations. What ethnographers have to say about this intriguing chapter.



3. The Roots of the Turkic and Arab Peoples

The Turkish peoples shown to be descendants of Edom/Esau with primary reference to Teman. Gog, a descendant of Edom is discussed and his modern location identified. Ishmael's descendants, Arabs, Jordanians etc researched.

4. Mediterranean, North African and Black African identity

The Phoenicians, various nations of Africa including the Africoids, pygmies, bushmen, Hottentots origins documented.

5. The Descendants of Cush

Cush proven to have two branches: eastern and western. Cush's various sons such as Seba, Sabteca, Raamah etc traced primarily to exotic locations.

6. The Other Descendants of Cush

Nimrod identified with Lugalzaggisi; the scattering of his empire; the mysterious Sukkim; land and peoples of the Colchis (adjacent to the Black Sea); Australian Aboriginals; Egyptian connection to Australia anciently?



7. Dodanim and Tarshish

The people descended from the Dodanim traced and located. Their anthropology discussed. This chapter demonstrates that Tarshish had western and eastern branches. Hebrew contact with ancient Japan is proven.

8. The Russians and Finno-Ugric Peoples

Where are the modern-day descendants of Madai, Meschech, Tubal today? Who are the Finno-Ugric peoples scattered in north-west Russia, eastern Finland, Estonia and Hungary?

9. The Peoples of China and South-east Asia

Magog, Kittim, Gomer etc all proven to be east Asian peoples.

10. What Happened to the Descendants of Elishah and Tiras?

These people are not easy to trace, but trace them I did. You will be surprised at who they are today on our planet.



11. The Peoples of Northern Europe

A thorough discussion of Arphaxad and Aram. The descendants, including Joktan, mysterious Ophir.

12. The Origin of the White Russians and Balts

Abraham had a concubine, Keturah. The Mitanni, Medans, Brahmins, Balts are traced back to Abraham.

13. Modern Identities of the descendants of Elam and Lud

Ancient Elam compared to modern nations, place-names, tribes etc. Who could his descendants be today?

14. The Assyrians in the Modern World!

A lot of space has been spent discussing the Assyrians in this book. Why? one may ask. This will become self-evident, but they were a very important and dominant people in the ancient Middle East and impact upon Israel to such a degree, that they must be traced and their descendants identified today.

14.1. Mysterious Origin of the Assyrians

14.2. The Fearsome Assyrians and their Migrations Into Central Europe

14.3. The Hittite Empire and the Modern Assyro-Hittites

14.4. What is Germany's Destiny?

The identity of Assur is identified; his exploits in the years after Babel; his character, empire and descendants all discussed. After his empire fell, his descendants were driven out of the Middle East and I trace them on their journey to where they reside today.

15. Israel - Successors of Arphaxad

After going into captivity, most of the peoples of Israel disappear from view - what became of them and what is their future? Why is Israel so important to God and why are they so emphasised in the Bible?

Concluding Remarks





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